The Spelling Book


Awarded bachelor project of The Spelling Book is designed not only for kids but also for their parents who are also very important readers.  The textbook is designed to be clean for a simple orientation and with lots of white space for sketching and notes which makes every book a unique piece.

Illustrations' style refers to classic printing techniques, such as linocut and screenprint.

The Spelling book is going to be published in Fraus Publishing house. 


2019 2nd place in the student category in competition "The most beautiful book of 2018"

2018 selected in Graduation Projects

2018 National award for student design
→ Excellent student design

→ Award of Umprum museum

→ Award of Albatros Publishing house 

Graduation Projects 2018 presentation and exhibition in Zamek Cieszyn, Poland

(photos by Rafał Soliński.)

2020 Soňa Juríková,

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