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graphic designer and illustrator in studio Breisky



from 09/2018 Typolab atelier, Palo Bálik AFAD Bratislava

2018 (bachelor degree) BcA. atelier of Visual communication,  FDULS Pilsen

2017 Erasmus ASP Lodz, Poland

2016 atelier of Illustration and graphics, FDULS Pilsen
2015 SPŠG Prague


The Spelling Book

2019 2nd place in the student category in competition "The most beautiful book of 2018"

2018 selected in Graduation Projects

2018 National award for student design
→ Excellent student design

→ Award of Umprum museum

→ Award of Albatros Publishing house 





Czemoji (2019)



→ Lidovky

→ Focus-Age

→ Idnes (pouze diskuze! ♥)

→ CNews
→ Echo24

→ Moj Android

→ Budějcká drbna

in English:

→ Český rozhlas



The Spelling Book

2019 Interview for Czech Design

2019 Radio interview for Radio 1 - Snack
2019 Czech Television reportage for
ArtZona - 15.00

2018 Interview for Místní kultura 

2018 Interview for Design Cabinet 

2018 Czech Television reportage


2015 Interview for Eurodeník



collective exhibitions

2016 You can bend reality, I say (Art-In Atelier)

- Cafe Prostoru
Our journeys are not trips. It is hard work which hurts in the atelier and during plein-airs in Czech Siberia. But we proved that: "You can bend reality"

photography and text for the exhibition

(Art-In Atelier)
- Cafe Prostoru



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